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PTSD: What would a ‘cure’ look like?

Complex-PTSD cases in a psychiatric unit suddenly announcing their wish to get off their medication and return to their families? Mothers reporting posttraumatic growth years after the trauma of childbirth? The worst case of PTSD a psychiatrist had ever seen in 2003 preparing for mobilisation to Afghanistan 10 years later? Every PTSD case in an Australian State Emergency Service returning to work and withdrawing their compensation claims?

If a cure requires an illness maybe PTSD is an illness and we’ve found a cure. If we don’t have a cure then these changes tell us that PTSD is not an illness. How to know..? What about…

  • Developing a ‘trauma-free’ fire and rescue service?

  • Teaching police, fire and ambulance services to look after their own?

  • Explaining to journalists how psychiatrists have been fooling them with jargon?

  • Showing that Combat Stress and other mental-health charities are maintaining PTSD?

  • Exposing the Blue-Light programme as an expensive distraction from abusive leadership?

  • Having Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) recommended by NICE to the NHS?/li]

    And finding that it worked in every country and language you tried it in?

All of the above are being addressed by Dr John Durkin and his team to bring this to all the communities that need it. At the heart of what we do are the techniques of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) and the idea that communities hold the key to sound mental health. If you want to try a session, contact us at for your nearest trainee practitioner. If you like what it does, let us know and how you’d like to get involved.


A trauma-free fire and rescue service?

Before announcing which one it is going to be, a pilot-project carried out by one BeTr Foundation trained-firefighter saw 15 staff volunteer meet him for a session of TIR. Overall, symptoms of PTSD and depression had halved two weeks later and now the brigade is training an entire team. More results as they develop…


PTSD: Screening? Or diagnosis?

Despite the demands for risk-assessment to ensure employers meet their Duty of Care, so-called “experts” are peddling ‘screening tools’. Forget it. Screening is for medics and doesn’t relate to psychological phenomena, with one exception. That is to develop a screen using your own people confronting their own threats. If the shrinks or experts are selling you a screening-tool and can’t quote an index of ‘specificity’ and ‘sensitivity’ it’s a hoax. If you’ve paid you might demand your money back and then ask me how to do it.





For detailed information on TIR and its listing as an evidence-based approach to trauma see Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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